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“Mexican living” encompasses, both old authentic Mexican architecture, and more delicate and conservative designs and decoration.

Mexican hacienda homes, have a very specific target market, it is a style for those that truly want to experience the authentic Mexican style whilst having all the technologies and infrastructure of the modern days. This style is inspired in the beautiful homes of the wealthy landlords from the XVI century. It is a style mostly found in the states of Jalisco, Yucatan, Hidalgo and Campeche. Just the idea of a Mexican hacienda home in Cabo is an amazing concept; it combines the architecture from Jalisco and merges it with the views of the sea of Cortez, a hard to explain experience.

On the other hand we have got more conservative feels, sometimes with styles from a different century or decade, but "natural stone" floors and “cantera” columns, joint with Mexican furniture give these homes the Mexican feel that many of our clients are looking for.

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